Breast Reconstruction after Mastectomy Info video 5, M:TA

4 years ago
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470 views Myself Together Again Video Series on Breast Reconstruction Processes. Visit for more info. Sorry we did not get this out first thing Monday we still had some work to do on this second video. We hope that you were able to view Part 1 of Sherri's expansion process, if not you can view it here. Today we are bringing you Part 2. In the video you are getting ready to watch you will hear Sherri discuss how far she hopes to be expanded -- hope being the key word. Sherri was not able to be expanded quite as far as she had planned due to being extremely uncomfortable shortly after the 2nd expansion and then the stretching pain just never really subsided. Interestingly enough, if you read my story on the website or in the first booklet you will remember that the same exact thing happened to me. I wanted to get back to about a "C" shape, but the stretching just became too painful.

Its difficult to explain unless you have been through the process, but the stretching is a very unnatural feeling and your body just knows when enough is enough. Fortunately, Sherri got further than I ever did and her symmetry looked great -- that is very important when being expanded. Dr. Jacobs felt good with Sherri's decision to not expand as far as planned and this video shows Sherri getting "marked" at the hospital minutes before her implant surgery. Today, Sherri is healing at home with her new Natrelle™ silicone implants and once her swelling goes down and her implants settle into place, we will bring you another video of how she looks.

Next up for Sherri is nipple reconstruction. As many of you know, that means one more surgery. That surgery has not been scheduled yet but we anticipate it being in about 2 months. We are excited to share with you that we will be having the nipple surgery filmed in the operating room because so many women have written to us over the years wanting to know more about nipple surgery. Dr. Jacobs will talk us through that surgery and we will be bringing that to our website via a YouTube video.

Thank you for following Sherri's story and once she is finished her nipple reconstruction we will be able to put our 2nd booklet together and hopefully have it available by November 2011. We are still raising money for 2011 and have raised over half of the money necessary for booklet 2 to happen this year. If you are interested in looking over our corporate sponsorship packet please send an email to us at: If you are not in a position to donate through your business please consider a tax deductible donation today -- every dollar gets us a little closer to getting this resource into women's hands.
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