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4 years ago
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We created this video for the University of Chicago Medicine Comprehensive Cancer Center to help them raise awareness in order to achieve breakthroughs in the fight against this debilitating disease. ----------- What is the future of cancer care? Well, it's no longer determined solely by the location of the tumor -- the old "one size fits all" approach. No, the future of cancer care lays in personalized medicine -- tailoring treatment based on the unique environmental, social and biological factors -- including genetics -- of each cancer. The future of cancer is NOW at the University of Chicago Medicine Comprehensive Cancer Center! Recognized as 1 of only 41 leading National Cancer Institute-designated centers, we have been at the forefront of cancer care and discovery since the 1970's. That's when the brilliant, tireless and internationally-known Dr. Janet D. Rowley discovered a vital breakthrough in understanding the relationship between cancer and genetics -- a game changer that led to finding key genetic mutations in every type of cancer. And Dr. Rowley wasn't the only one. Many of the roots of chemotherapy, hormonal therapy, gene therapy and bone marrow transplantation can be traced back to our Cancer Center, where an entirely new generation of research scientists continue to be inspired by the commitment, passion and legacy of Dr. Rowley and others like her. They will write the next chapter in the relentless pursuit of the next big breakthrough in the prevention, detection, treatment and survivorship of cancer. But they can't do it alone. Behind every passionate scientist with the potential of unlocking cancer's myriad of secrets, there must be a funding source. And that's where we come in. For nearly half-a-century, and with more than 3-million dollars raised thus far, the University of Chicago Cancer Research Foundation Auxiliary Board) has made a commitment each year to providing three young researchers with seed money to move new, innovative ideas from concept to theory. You see, for us this means more than just writing a check. This is personal. We get to know every doctor we sponsor. We spend time with them. They answer our questions with enthusiasm and patience. They tell us about their research and how our funding has helped them. Together, we make a difference. Help us to help them achieve breakthroughs in the fight against this debilitating disease. Just imagine -- you might be responsible for empowering the next Dr. Janet Rowley -- and what can be more rewarding than that! In Memory of Dr. Janet D. Rowley 1925-2013 For more info, please visit Follow us on Facebook: Follow us on Twitter: Follow us on Google+: