Tips for Going Through Cancer with a Loved One


During the past one hundred years, cancer rates have absolutely skyrocketed, devastating many families and presenting people with the unfamiliar challenge of having to watch multiple people in their immediate circle deal with the disease at some point in their lives. In this article, we will discuss the three steps you should be taking to maximize your loved one's chances of survival and quality of life during their battle with cancer.

Comforting and Consoling

Primarily, it is imperative to have a loving and caring attitude when dealing with your loved one. Your job is to give him or her emotional refuge by giving him or her a break from the trauma of constant stress. Do not talk about the cancer all the time, and do not dwell on the potential prognosis. Instead, focus on living life to the fullest with your loved one because the more fun he or she has, and the more he or she laughs, the better his or her chances of survival are. Do not argue with him or her, do not mention bills or other stressful situations, and do not try to convince your loved one to do anything he or she does not want to do. Of course, talking to him or her about treatment options is recommended, but don't be overbearing if he or she is not necessarily interested in pursuing the path you believe is best.

Examining Options

Although the media insists a cure for cancer has not been found yet, not all cancers are terminal, and many can be effectively treated. Basically, you have two routes you can take - holistic medicine or mainstream medicine. Conventional treatments typically consist of harmful and traumatizing procedures like chemo, which causes nausea, pain, extensive hair loss, and other symptoms. However, chemo treatments have been developed over the years to be less taxing on the body. They are still not a sure cure, and in most cases, the cancer returns within a period of 5 years. For this reason, many people choose to combat cancer through a combination of diet and lifestyle.

Recommending a Raw Diet

Eating nothing but raw, organically grown fruits and vegetables will give you all the antioxidants your body needs to get rid of free radicals and begin fighting cancer using its natural defences. People have had amazing results using fruits and vegetables, but it is very important that you use organically grown or wild crafted produce from a trusted source. If the prognosis states your loved one will be alive for more than 4 months, that is plenty of time to grow your own berries and greens. Discuss the possibility of alternative treatments with your loved one and take the time to do the research that could save their life.

Being the Strong One

Watching your loved one battle the effects of cancer can be heart breaking and challenging in every way, but with a bit of guidance, you can be more of a helping hand than a worrying burden. Whether you offer emotional support or the financial support needed to pay for health insurance, studies have shown that people who receive support from their family have a higher rate of survival with non-terminal cancers and live longer with terminal cancers. It is up to you to be the voice of wisdom and the strong one, helping in times of need. The human body is an amazing machine that is capable of healing from almost anything if you give it the right ingredients and care.